Fatina Tween Sequence

A Tween that takes control of values and animates them.


  • elapsed: number number of ms. elapsed for this tween (affected by pause & timescale)
  • duration: number duration of this tween in ms.
  • isRunning: boolean
  • isFinished: boolean
  • isPaused: boolean


  • start(): Tween By default new tween are not started. Don’t forget to call .start()
  • pause(): void
  • resume(): void
  • skip(): void
  • kill(): void
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  • onStart(cb: () => void): Tween
  • onUpdate(cb: (dt: number, progress: number) => void): Tween
  • onKilled(cb: () => void): Tween
  • onComplete(cb: () => void): Tween
  • onRestart(cb: () => void): Tween
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  • from(from: any): Tween;
  • to(to: any, duration: number): Tween;
  • modify(force: any, updateTo: boolean): void;
  • setLoop(loop: number): Tween;
  • setRelative(relative: boolean): Tween;
  • setEasing(type: EasingType | string): Tween;
  • setTimescale(scale: number): Tween;
  • setSteps(steps: number): Tween;
  • yoyo(times: number): Tween;
  • reverse(): void;
  • toSequence(): Sequence;
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The possible easing method usable in Tween.SetEasing() are:
linear, inQuad, outQuad, inOutQuad, inCubic, outCubic, inOutCubic, inQuart, outQuart, inOutQuart, inSine, outSine, inOutSine, inCirc, outCirc, inOutCirc, inQuint, outQuint, inOutQuint, inExponential, outExponential, inOutExponential, inElastic, outElastic, inOutElastic, inBack, outBack, inOutBack, inBounce, outBounce, inOutBounce

To see what they look like : Easings.net

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